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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A really quick update-

A. I'm no longer ill and I'm back to work. I stayed home Monday and have worked yesterday & today.

B. The housecleaning I intended to do before the BSU's return tonight did NOT get done.

3. Much more details and derogatory fisking of the emails from Husqvarna's software support will be forthcoming. In the mean time, my dealer fixed me up with a CD that appears to contain the correct software to make the Reader/Writer work. And he has promised to replace the Organizer Plus with the updated version as soon as he can get it delivered.

4. Christmas shopping is not finished. I know its getting close.

5. Finally, last Saturday, before the cruddiness completely enveloped me, I sat through the class, got my fingerprints and picture and signatures for my Concealed Firearm Permit and everything mailed in. In 70 days, I'll be legal...

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